Peter Noonan, B.E.

Mr. Peter Noonan joined the SKE team to continue to apply his extensive education, training and certification in the field of traffic accident reconstruction. Mr. Noonan received a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from Manhattan College and currently holds the position of Chief with the largest police department in Rockland County, New York. Mr. Noonan has been a member of the police department’s accident investigation unit since 1985 and was placed in charge of the unit in 1990. He remained in charge of the unit until his promotion to Chief. During his police career, he has investigated hundreds of collisions and testified as an expert in both criminal and civil court. His initial accident investigation training was provided by the State of New York Division of Criminal Justice Services and his initial accident reconstruction training was through the Traffic Institute of Northwestern University. He is a founding member and past president of the New York Statewide Traffic Accident Reconstruction Society (NYSTARS). He is also accredited by the Accreditation Committee for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR). Mr. Noonan is familiar with the civil side of the accident reconstruction profession after working for eight years with John Desch Associates, a traffic engineering and accident reconstruction firm. His long term dedication to law enforcement enables him to analyze the criminal aspects of crash reconstruction as well. Mr. Noonan’s impressive CV makes SKE Forensic Consultants proud to have him on staff and to offer his expertise.