Senior Associate Kevin Tully, B.E. Mech. Eng., Provides Expert Testimony for Rockland County Supreme Court Criminal Case

by Christine Sirgant in News

Senior Associate Kevin Tully, B.E.Mech.Eng. provided expert testimony for a criminal case in Rockland County Supreme Court which resulted in a charge of criminally negligent homicide.  Mr. Tully was contacted by the First Assistant District Attorney at the Office of the Rockland County District Attorney to assist the New York State Police in the reconstruction of a complex multi-vehicle collision.  His expert testimony guided the judge through each phase of the collision sequence utilizing the evidence gathered by the New York State Police Investigators.  Additionally, he provided a detailed explanation of the energy dissipated by the vehicles during the collision sequence to establish the speeds of each of the involved vehicles.  One vehicle was found to be traveling well in excess of the speed limit.  That vehicle ultimately impacted a tree which resulted in the vehicle being torn in two, fatally injuring its passenger.


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