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Matthew J. Mastrelli Joins SKE

SKE Forensic Consultants would like to welcome Matthew J. Mastrelli as Associate Engineer at SKE.  Mr. Mastrelli has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University. He is currently studying to obtain his full accreditation as a Traffic Accident Reconstructionist from The Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR).

While attending Penn State University, Mr. Mastrelli acted in a leadership role with Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) as the Electrical Team Leader. He was then elected as the Chief Engineer of the Formula SAE team. In his position as Electrical Team Leader, Mr. Mastrelli was part of a team responsible for building an 80-horsepower formula race car, which included complete design and development. Mr. Mastrelli was responsible for implementing test procedures of the full electrical system. As Chief Engineer, he was responsible for identifying, diagnosing and resolving vehicle issues by running finite element analysis (computer simulations of stress analysis on design components) and overseeing the in-house machining for all components.

Mr. Mastrelli enjoys rebuilding and restoring vehicles in his spare time. Mr. Mastrelli’s experience in rebuilding cars affords him with the knowledge and real-world experience on the performance of vehicles and components in a crash. 

Mr. Mastrelli has a wide-range of experience, including a R&D Lab Intern at Patterson Kelly-Harsco Industrial where he was responsible for conducting tests of boiler parts to ensure reliability and longevity.  He also owned his own landscaping business for over 10 years, which provided him with experience in which equipment designs worked and performed well, and which do not. Mr. Mastrelli’s broad experience has afforded him the opportunity to observe failures and successful designs in various disciplines, from racing to heavy equipment. Mr. Mastrelli’s hands-on experience has afforded him the opportunity to employ various methods to resolve issues in the field.

Mr. Mastrelli utilizes his engineering education to apply scientific methods when analyzing obstacles and relies on his real-world experience to solve problems. Mr. Mastrelli is ideally suited as a Traffic Accident Reconstructionist due to his experience in problem-solving, along with his strong foundation in Mechanical Engineering, providing an excellent fit at SKE Forensic Consultants. In the short time that Mr. Mastrelli has been with SKE, he has played an active role in upgrading corporate vehicles with new test equipment for heavy vehicles. He also obtained his commercial UAV license and is an FAA certified drone pilot.

We are confident that Mr. Mastrelli will be a valuable asset to the firm. Please join us in welcoming Matthew Mastrelli as Associate Engineer of SKE Forensic Consultants.

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