john c. scott

Co-founder and partner of SKE Forensic Consultants LLC

Mr. Scott formed SKE Forensic Consultants along with his colleagues, Stephen N. Emolo and John G. Karpovich in 2010.

At SKE, Mr. Scott has testified as a qualified accident reconstruction expert throughout courts in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, as well as Federal Courts. Mr. Scott’s particular areas of specialty include AutoCAD, Surveying, EDCRASH™ and EDSMAC™ Collision software, Crash Data Retrieval, and commercial vehicle ECM Software data extraction programs. Throughout the entirety of his career, his training and expertise have developed into a highly valued specialty, which is respected within his profession.

Prior to forming SKE, Mr. Scott began his career as a key member of a civil engineering company, Civilworks, Inc. After spending many years with the company, he began his current 25-year career in private consulting dedicated to accident reconstruction. Mr. Scott continues to stay involved in local and national organizations where he lectures and participates as a team member in advancing the reconstruction community.

Mr. Scott has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from Columbia University. He later took various civil engineering courses at the University of New Hampshire. Mr. Scott received further specialized training in accident reconstruction throughout his education from accredited universities such as Northwestern University, Texas A&M, Arkansas State University, and the University of North Florida. He has been accredited by The Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (A.C.T.A.R) since 1997 as one of the youngest in his field to qualify for and pass the exam.

In his free time, Mr. Scott is an experienced cyclist and skier. He enjoys spending time in Vermont with his wife and three children.