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Our goal is to use Accident Reconstruction to enable legal and insurance professionals to better defend their clients in cases involving vehicle accidents. Accident Reconstruction is the process of gathering evidence, analyzing contributing factors, and finding answers pertaining to the events before, during, and after a traffic accident. Through this process, SKE can help to answer unknowns through scientific analysis of the available data and provide you with the report and expert testimony needed to present the facts of the case. Every case has its own unique needs. SKE’s collaborative manner of approach acknowledges these needs and allows us to address each facet of the case using the background and knowledge of each of our experts. Whether it be guiding you through a case or testifying in both State and Federal courts, SKE’s wide array of experience within Accident Reconstruction helps deliver the results you need to manage your case. Our trusted and successful approach is evidenced by our continued positive outcomes and longstanding return client relationships.

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